Pac-Man Olimar

- Pac-Man -

A guest character courtesy of Bandai Namco, Pac-Man has joined the battle! The original Pac-Man game was an incredibly simplistic title, consisting of gobbling pellets throughout a maze and avoiding ghosts, all while trying to earn the highest score possible. Pac-Man went through a change in design in 1984 when a new game called Pac-Land released in the arcades. This game was a sidescroller, deviating quite a bit from the original arcade game's gameplay.

Pac-Man’s look in Smash is based off of his Pac-Land design. Pac-Man fights with a combination of kicks, punches, and retro moves that call back to his origins as well as other Bandai Namco games. You can say that he has several tricks of his glove. Where'd he pull that fire hydrant from? We may never know.

Text by Teslano & Smashedpotatoes


The moveset of this character is coming soon.
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