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Zero Suit Samus Zelda

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After defeating Mother Brain for the first time, Samus departed from the planet Zebes only to be shot down by a group of Space Pirates. The subsequent crash destroyed her gunship and Power Suit, leaving her defenseless and forcing her to stealthily find a means of escape while in her bodysuit, equipped merely with an emergency pistol.

In Smash Bros., Zero Suit Samus exhibits impressive speed, mobility, and acrobatic abilities thanks to her training with the Chozo. She wields a paralyzing pistol supplemented with a plasma whip feature, and wears a pair Jet Boots, so she is more than equipped to fight at close range despite being in a suit intrinsically ill-suited for battle. While she lacks the capabilities of her Power Suit, she definitely holds her own as a lethal force on and off the ground.

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Moveset *

tilt attacks

Down Tilt moveset

 - Zero Suit Samus Down Tilt - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
smash attacks

Down Smash moveset

 - Zero Suit Samus Down Smash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
aerial attacks

Back Aerial moveset

 - Zero Suit Samus Back Aerial - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

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