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- Last Music of the Blog -

You can now listen to Seaskape. The tune you know and love from Splatoon is now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Hirokazu Tanaka's new arrangement lends the track a more relaxed, mature vibe.

You can check all the songs confirmed so far here.

- Last Character of the Blog -

Meta Knight This fighter not only has tons of quick moves, he can perform a midair jump five times! All his special moves have a recovery aspect, so use them at the right time. His Final Smash is Darkness Illusion, which unleashes a fast series of aerial attacks.

Check all about Meta Knight here.

- Last Memory of the Blog -

Little Mac first appeared in the arcade version of Punch Out!! in 1984. He?s a 17 year old boxer from the United States. The game is the story of him aiming to be the world champion and taking out his much larger opponents.

- Last Pic of the Blog -

[Spirits] Primary spirits come in different types: Attack, Shield and Grab. Attack has an advantage over Grab, Grab has an advantage over Shield, and Shield has an advantage over Attack. Try to equip spirits that are strong against your opponent's spirit team!

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