Super Smash Blog Updates

- Last Pic of the Blog -

[Stage] Onett: Ness's hometown has a drugstore in the middle and houses on either side. Watch out for cars entering the stage from the right ? they can hit you for 30% damage!

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- Last Music of the Blog -

You can now check out 'Happy Home Designer - Title Theme.' Enjoy the arrangement by Kazumi Totaka, a staff member from the original game!

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- Last Character of the Blog -

Ganondorf: His new design matches his appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Now he uses his sword for all his smash attacks. He's a bit slimmer then he was before, but his Warlock Punch is devastating! For his final smash he transforms into Ganon, The Demon King and quickly charges forward.

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- Last Memory of the Blog -

Isabelle: Her first appearance was the 2012 title, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She supports the newly appointed mayor player as their secretary. The townspeople adore her, and she always provides very helpful advice.

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