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Mega Man, also known as Rock Man, is a super fighting robot created by Dr. Thomas Light. Originally, Mega Man’s purpose was just a general-purpose tool robot, but after Dr. Light’s partner Dr. Wily turned six of Dr. Light’s other robots into death machines, he reconstructed him into a brave fighting robot to defeat them all. Every time Mega Man defeats a Robot Master, he absorbs its abilities and can use it at any time as long as he has the energy for it.

In Smash Bros., the majority of Mega Man’s moves are taken from the many robot masters he’s defeated over the years, such as the Metal Blade and the Leaf Shield. He also uses his dog Rush as a spring to leap to higher areas. Mega Man is unique in that he blasts shots out of his Mega Buster while walking as his side tilt attack.

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Moveset *

special attacks

Up Special moveset

 - Mega Man Up Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Rush Coil

Side Special moveset

 - Mega Man Side Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Crash Bomber

Down Special moveset

 - Mega Man Down Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Leaf Shield


Side Taunt moveset

 - Mega Man Side Taunt - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
smash attacks

Up Smash moveset

 - Mega Man Up Smash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
Smash Ball

Final Smash moveset

 - Mega Man Final Smash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

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