Lucina Lucas

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The daughter of Prince Chrom of Yllisse and descendant of Marth, Lucina travels back in time to save the world from imminent destruction. Events in Fire Emblem: Awakening lead to her assisting Chrom, the amnesiac tactician Robin, and their group of Shepherds in defeating the Fell Dragon, Grima.

In Smash Bros., Lucina plays almost identically to Marth. However, her shorter heightslightly lower attack range, and equal power distribution throughout her blade definitely changes the way players play as her. She wields Chrom’s sword from the future, the Parallel Falchion, which is a divine blade forged from the fang of Naga that is imbued with the ability to slay dragons. In this game, her incarnation of the blade is slightly shorter in length than Marth's.

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Up Taunt moveset

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Side Taunt moveset

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Down Taunt moveset

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Final Smash moveset

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