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Bayonetta gets wicked! This witch is the winner of the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, hailing as the protagonist of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 from PlatinumGames. A combo-based fighter, she brings her Infernal Demons, Love is BlueWitch Time, and Bullet Arts into the fray.

Use Bullet Climax to fire shots ahead at a slightly upward angle from her guns; charge by holding the button. Heel Slide is a sliding kick; hold the button for a follow-up flip kick. In the air, this becomes the After Burner Kick, a diagonally upwards kick; hold down prior to kick diagonally downwards. If she is hit while activating Witch Time, she'll slow her assailant, with the duration of the slowdown increasing with her victim's damage percentage.

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How to unlock Bayonetta?
You can unlock this fighter in 3 different ways. Then, you need to win a battle against the character to unlock it. If you loose the fight, the character, after certain time will, appear again ready to fight inside the Games and More Menu.
The 3 methods are:
  • Free their Spirit in the Adventure Mode.
  • Play any mode against friends or CPU.☆
  • Beat Classic Mode with any character.★
After a small period of time and then exiting the mode (except Smash Mode), the fight start. The order in which the character will challenge you is described HERE.
01. Ness
02. Zelda
03. Bowser
04. Pit
05. Inkling
06. Villager
07. Marth
08. Young Link
09. Wii Fit Trainer
10. Ice Climbers
11. Captain Falcon
12. Peach
13. Ryu
14. Ike
15. Jigglypuff
16. King K. Rool
17. Sonic
18. Simon
19. Zero Suit Samus
20. Little Mac
21. Isabelle
22. Shulk
23. Lucina
24. Wario
25. Ridley
26. Pokémon Trainer
27. Lucario
28. Daisy
29. Roy
30. King Dedede
31. R.O.B.
32. Falco
33. Luigi
34. Pichu
35. Richter
36. Lucas
37. Diddy Kong
38. Meta Knight
39. Snake
40. Ganondorf
41. Corrin
42 Mega Man
43. Bayonetta
44. Toon Link
45. Rosalina & Luma
46. Incineroar
47. Sheik
48. Olimar
50. Dark Samus
51. Wolf
52. Mr. Game & Watch
53. Robin
54. Dark Pit
55. Cloud
56. Duck Hunt
57. Ken
58. Greninja
59. Chrom
60. Mewtwo
61. Bowser Jr.
62. Dr. Mario
63. Palutena

The character will appear once you beat the Classic Mode with any character. The order in which they appear it depends on the fighter that you choose in the Classic Mode.
Check out HERE the order.

Classic Mode with Mario:
Sonic => Bayonetta => Little Mac => Ike => Luigi => Roy => Dr. Mario => Olimar => Bowser

Classic Mode with Donkey Kong:
Bowser => Pokémon Trainer => Rosalina & Luma => King Dedede => Sheik => Greninja => Diddy Kong => Duck Hunt => Sonic

Classic Mode with Link:
King K. Rool => Ice Climbers => Simon => Meta Knight => Snake => Young Link => Richter => Toon Link => Sonic

Classic Mode with Samus:
Inkling => Wii Fit Trainer => Pit => Incineroar => Dark Samus => Cloud => Wario => Dark Pit => Sonic

Classic Mode with Yoshi:
Lucario => Marth => Ryu => Ganondorf => Lucina => Ridley => Chrom => Ken => Sonic

Classic Mode with Kirby:
Ness => Jigglypuff => Pac-Man => Zelda => Robin => Corrin => Lucas => Palutena => Sonic

Classic Mode with Fox:
Captain Falcon => Zero Suit Samus => Peach => Falco => Daisy => Bowser Jr. => Wolf => Mewtwo => Sonic

Classic Mode with Pikachu:
Villager => Shulk => R.O.B. => Mega Man => Isabelle => Mr. Game & Watch => Pichu => Sonic

!!! This also works for the non original 8 fighters. For example, if you want to unlock Little Mac, you can also do it if you play Classic Mode with Bayonetta.
After unlocking all characters from the Mario Group, then the queue will start in Donkey Kong Classic Mode queue. For the rest, it will go back to Mario Classic Mode queue.


special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - Bayonetta Neutral Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Bullet Climax

Side Special moveset

 - Bayonetta Side Special - Image published directly in

After Burner Kick (In the air)

Side Special moveset

 - Bayonetta Side Special - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018

Heel Side

Down Special moveset

 - Bayonetta Down Special - Image published direct in

Bat Within (Witch Time is late)

Down Special moveset

 - Bayonetta Down Special - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018

Witch Time


Up Taunt moveset

 - Bayonetta Up Taunt - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018

Side Taunt moveset

 - Bayonetta Side Taunt - Image published directly in 07.Aug.2018

Down Taunt moveset

 - Bayonetta Down Taunt - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018
tilt attacks

Up Tilt moveset

 - Bayonetta Up Tilt - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018

Side Tilt moveset

 - Bayonetta Side Tilt - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018
smash attacks

Up Smash moveset

 - Bayonetta Up Smash - Image published directly in 01.Nov.2018

Side Smash moveset

 - Bayonetta Side Smash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
aerial attacks

Up Aerial moveset

 - Bayonetta Up Aerial - Image published directly in 08.Aug.2018
Smash Ball

Final Smash moveset

 - Bayonetta Final Smash - Image published directly in 06.Aug.2018

Infernal Climax


Kirby Hat moveset

 - Bayonetta Kirby Hat - Image published directly in 14.Jul.2018


Lets talk about the character Bayonetta!

Choose a character

Banjo & Kazooie Bayonetta Bowser Bowser Jr. Byleth Captain Falcon Chrom Cloud Corrin Daisy Dark Pit Dark Samus Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Duck Hunt Falco Fox Ganondorf Greninja Hero Ice Climbers Ike Incineroar Inkling Isabelle Jigglypuff Joker Ken King Dedede King K. Rool Kirby Link Little Mac Lucario Lucas Lucina Luigi Mario Marth Mega Man Meta Knight Mewtwo Mii Fighter Min Min Mr. Game & Watch Ness Olimar PAC-MAN Palutena Peach Pichu Pikachu Piranha Plant Pit Pokémon Trainer R.O.B. Richter Ridley Robin Rosalina & Luma Roy Ryu Samus Sephiroth Sheik Shulk Simon Snake Sonic Steve Terry Bogard Toon Link Villager Wario Wii Fit Trainer Wolf Yoshi Young Link Zelda Zero Suit Samus