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Bowser Jr. Bowser

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Bowser Jr. is the mischievous brat of a son to Bowser. Bowser Jr. is always more than willing to help his father in his constant effort to kidnap Princess Peach and cause havoc. Always looking to cause trouble, this Koopa Prince is primed and ready to make an entrance to the Smash Bros. series.

Bowser Jr. fights in his mechanized flying machine, the Junior Clown Car, which receives less damage from attacks than he does. He's a lightweight fighter who utilizes the Junior Clown Car’s eclectic arsenal of weapons, which consists of cannonballs, wrecking balls, boxing gloves, forks, drills, hammers, and Mecha Koopas. For his Final Smash, he turns into Shadow Mario and paints an X on the screen, which damages anyone it touches before its eventual detonation.

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Moveset *

special attacks

Side Special moveset

 - Bowser Jr. Side Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Koopa Clown Car

Standard attacks

Neutral moveset

 - Bowser Jr. Neutral - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Dash moveset

 - Bowser Jr. Dash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
tilt attacks

Side Tilt moveset

 - Bowser Jr. Side Tilt - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
smash attacks

Side Smash moveset

 - Bowser Jr. Side Smash - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

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