Olimar Ness

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Olimar is a humble employee of the company Hocotate Freight. While returning home from a vacation in his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, he was struck with an asteroid while making himself a cup of tea. He fell to the planet below only to find his ship’s parts had scattered around the planet. With a limited life support, he searched for help and found aid in the nearly extinct Pikmin race. The Pikmin happily follow Olimar’s orders, as he teaches them to work together.

Olimar and his Pikmin work as a team in the Pikmin games, and they do in Smash Bros. as well. Olimar utilizes his Pikmin for most of his attacks, as he's mostly useless without them. If Pikmin are dispatched in battle, hecan use his Neutral Special to pluck more.

Text by Professor Squeaky

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special attacks

Up Special moveset

 - Olimar Up Special - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

Winged Pikmin

smash attacks

Side Smash moveset

 - Olimar Side Smash - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

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