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Wario may look similar to Mario or Luigi, but make no mistake, he's nothing like them. Wario was known first as an antihero in contrast to the bros, but nowadays he's known for farting, hoarding money, and being a general weirdo. Nobody would never go as far to say that Wario is a good sport. While most fighters clap at the end of a match, Wario likes to jeer instead. He’s incredibly rude in nature and will stop at nothing to make you "pbftttt, have a rotten day!"

In Smash Bros., Wario’s quirky behavior is reflected in his attacks. Most of them involve jerky, humorous movements, and his specials range from gnawing on opponents to the potentially deadly Wario Waft, which becomes more powerful the longer Wario waits to relieve himself...it must be all that garlic he loves to eat...

Text by Professor Squeaky

Moveset *

special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - Wario Neutral Special - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018


Side Special moveset

 - Wario Side Special - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

Wario Bike


Down Taunt moveset

 - Wario Down Taunt - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

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