Lucario Little Mac

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The bipedal Fighting- and Steel-type Pokémon that evolves from Riolu. Lucario uses his Aura abilities for short- and long-ranged attacks, as well as for reading his opponent’s movements and judging their character.

Lucario returns to Smash Bros. even stronger than before, with his signature Aura mechanic of becoming more powerful the more damage he receives has been powered up, affecting more moves and delivering more damage. It all maxes out when he uses his Final Smash to Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario, in which his maximal Aura levels increase his attack power and speed to their utmost limit.

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Moveset *

special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - Lucario Neutral Special - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Aura Sphere


Up Taunt moveset

 - Lucario Up Taunt - Image published directly in 16.Jun.2018

Down Taunt moveset

 - Lucario Down Taunt - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
tilt attacks

Down Tilt moveset

 - Lucario Down Tilt - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018
aerial attacks

Neutral Aerial moveset

 - Lucario Neutral Aerial - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

Forward Aerial moveset

 - Lucario Forward Aerial - Image published directly in 17.Jun.2018

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