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Captain Falcon Bowser Jr.

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Captain Falcon, also known as Douglas Jay Falcon, is a renowned bounty hunter and an accomplished F-Zero pilot hailing from the city of Port Town. By the age of 36, he managed to build a reputation as one of the greatest bounty hunters and F-Zero pilots in the galaxy. For his bounty hunting exploits he uses his Falcon Flyer ship to search out for criminals. For racing, he pilots the almighty F-Zero machine number “07”, the Blue Falcon, a vehicle that flies at hyper speeds.

In Smash, Captain Falcon can use speed and melee attacks to overwhelm the opponent. His forward aerial, the Knee Smash, is extremely useful for dispatching of foes when sweetspotted. The entirety of his Specials are wholly original to Smash, with the most iconic of the bunch being the Falcon Punch. Show me your moves!

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Moveset *

special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - Captain Falcon Neutral Special - Image published directly in 13.Jun.2018

Falcon Punch

Side Special moveset

 - Captain Falcon Side Special - Image published directly in 13.Jun.2018

Raptor Boost


Side Taunt moveset

 - Captain Falcon Side Taunt - Image published directly in 13.Jun.2018

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