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Cloned from the Pokémon Mew by Cinnabar Island scientists, Mewtwo was considered the pinnacle of human achievement. Dubbed the "Genetic Pokémon," its psychic skills were beyond human comprehension. Eventually, Mewtwo broke free of its shackles and destroyed the mansion it was born in. It's said that inside an unknown dungeon in southern Kalos' Pokémon Village, Mewtwo lies and waits for a worthy trainer to battle.

Mewtwo is a larger yet lightweight fighter. His movement and many of his attacks are quite slow. However, he sports excellent throws and some powerful, dark-based attacks. Use these and his various approach options with proficiency.

Text by Torquey & Smashedpotatoes

Moveset *

special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - Mewtwo Neutral Special - Image published directly in 16.Jun.2018

Shadow Ball

Down Special moveset

 - Mewtwo Down Special - Image published directly in 16.Jun.2018



Side Taunt moveset

 - Mewtwo Side Taunt - Image published directly in 16.Jun.2018
Standard attacks

Neutral moveset

 - Mewtwo Neutral - Image published directly in 16.Jun.2018

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