R.O.B. Pokémon Trainer

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R.O.B. is very unique in that he wasn't originally a video game character. R.O.B., or the Robotic Operating Buddy was sold along with the Famicom in Japan and later along with NES around the world. R.O.B. is actually credited with saving the video game industry after its crash in 1983. It is used as a controller for two games: Gyromite and Stack-Up.

The Gyro, which is the top from Gyromite, appears as R.O.B.'s Down Special. His Neutral Special, the Robo Beam, may be inspired by R.O.B.'s way of communicating during its games, which is by receiving optical signals from the television. His new Final Smash, the Super Diffusion Beam, is giant laser that splits in four directions.

Text by Professor Squeaky

Moveset *

special attacks

Neutral Special moveset

 - R.O.B. Neutral Special - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

Robo Beam

Side Special moveset

 - R.O.B. Side Special - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

Arm Rotor

grab attacks

Forward Throw moveset

 - R.O.B. Forward Throw - Image published directly in smashbros.com 17.Jun.2018

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